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Minoxidil is originally a vasodilator that has been used to treat servere hypertension for which general treatment for hypertension would not work. However, growth, thickening, and pigment increase of body hair were observed in patients administered this medicine orally.
Minoxyl liquid is a treatment for hair loss for external use, Which was developed from the observation of hair growth in Minoxidil, and proven to have outstanding effects compared to hairrestores in cosmetics and quasi-drugs. This product containing 5% of Minoxidil is a further enhanced product than the existing Minoxyl 3% liquid.
Ingredients and dose
Colorless or light yello transparent liquid
Efficacy. effect
Male pattern baldness(applied to male only)
what is male pattern baldness?
Male pattern baldness is a phenomenon of gradual shrinkage of the hair follicle due to decreasing rate of the number of hair follicle in growth stage compared to that in telogen state. Testosterone, a kind of male hormone (androgen), turns into DHT(dehydrotestosterone) by 5a -reductase, Which leads to the change in hair follicle where it shortens anagen stage and lengthens telogen stage in the hair growth cycle only to result in hare follicular atrophy and hair loss as the growth cycle is repeated.
This male hormone can case hair loss in female because androgen that causes hair loss is secreted not only from male testicles but also from ovary and adrenal gland in female in other woeds, male pattern baldness can be found as well as female.
Directions . Dosage
After completely drying the hair and the scalp, apply 0.5~1ml only to the affected area twice a day (Morning, Evening) for at least 4 months.
Do not exced total 2ml for daily use.
Baldness may reoccur after discontinuation

Using spray
A spray is attached to the container in 60 ml product, and enclosed in 180 ml product.
Remove the cap attached to the spray before use and place it back for storage.
Since one spray amounts to approximately 0.18 ml . Spray about 3 to 5 times for one use.
When not used tmporaily or for a long time, the liquid might not be sprayed due to blockage in the nozzle and may result in spray malfunction.
When reusing, clean the spray nozzle before use
Using spoid
Spoid is enclosed in 60ml and 180 ml product.
Insert the spoid in the container and measure to the scale of 0.5ml~1ml. Apply evenly to the bald area by pressing the lip once at a time
Store the product with the spoid inserted in the container (product cntainer for 60ml. Smali portion container for 180ml.)
Spoid is equipped with a safety cap. When reusing. turn right while pressing boneath the cab
Precautions for use
Do not use for following patients.
Female patient
Patient under 18
Patient sensitive to this product or any of the ingredients, or wwith a history as such
Patient with cardiovascular disease (conronary artery disease, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure or valvular disease. treated or untreated hypertension, hypotension)
Patient without genetic factors of hair loss.
Patient with sudden partial hair loss.
Patient with scalp abnormalities such as erythema, inflammation, infection, irritation, pain, psoriasis, sun burn.
Patient with hair loss by unknown cause
Patient using the other product for the scalp
Read these instructions carefully before use
Keep these nstructions in a safe place and read again whenever necessary
Do not use the expired products

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