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3D Fat Burner

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3D Fat Burner3D Fat Burner Body Slimmer Slim Massager Anti-cellulite Control System

Small construction, rubber handle, easy to use
Tighten your abdomen and trim your waist
Help to reduce cellulite
Restore your skins firmess and smoothness
Able to conduct thorough massage for parts such as face, shoulder, neck, neck, arm and thigh
Breaks up fatty tissue and reduces the appearance of cellulite
Improves circulation and detoxifies the lymphatic system to create tighter, firmer, smoother skin
Can also be used as a massager for sore muscles
Compact, portable and convenient


1, Main Unit X 1.

2. AC Adapter X 1.

3. Swivel Wheel X 1.

4. Swivel Bead X 1.

5. Protection Cover X 1.

6. Full Detailed English Manual / Instructions X 1.


Helps to reshape, contour, firm and tone area of the face,legs,arms,hips, and buttocks.

Aids in the reduced appearance of cellulite innovative and painless product help to break down fat cells and create a slimmer, mopre toned body.

Body roller applicator give a gentle massage, increasing blood circulation to nourish and oxygenate tissue, giving your skin a renewd, youthful appeareance.

Relax daily with the face massage applicator, designed to give gentle massages and de-stress and relax the muscles in the face. Rejuvenates and tones the skins.

The gentle body roller massages skin, increasing blood circulation to nourish and oxygenate tissue, giving the skin a renewed, youthful appearance.

Save time and money while enjoying the convenience of getting professional results in the privacy of your home.

Deeply massages various part of the body. By massaging acupuncture points, vibrations can be transferred to the deep layer of the muscles.
Compact, portable and convenient. The multi-functional massager head can be used interchangeably.
Meshed cloth cover protects your hair and head.
Adjust massage speeds according to your needs.
Applicable to the face, neck, shoulders, hands, back, waist, hips, legs etc.
Increases blood circulation, accelerates the lymphatic system and helps with detoxification.
Use it daily to sculpt a perfect figure right from your own home.

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