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Full Body Slimming

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Full Body Slimming------Product Information

100% Brand New and High Quality

Professional lipo modeling system that effectively fights cellulite and flaccidity at home.

Triple action: eccentric circular massage, pneumatic pressure and infra-red heat.

Professional technique: Gives subcutaneous massages that increase blood flow, helping to eliminate toxins and reduce accumulated fat.

Result: Sculpts your figure and smoothes orange peel skin.

Allow massage to be adapted to each problem (soft cellulite, encrusted cellulite, oedematous cellulite, flaccidity, etc.)

New silicone flat roller massage head: Suitable for painful cellulite.

Removes cellulite, stimulates blood flow, tones, and reduces volume.

Can be used together with anti-cellulite products for a more powerful effect.

4 different massage heads:

Wavy massager head: Mainly for the neck Function: massaging and relieving sore neck.

Finger massage head: For massaging and slimming body.

Ball massage head: mainly for waist and abdomen Function: massage and slimming body.

Roller massage head: Mainly for arms and legs Function: Massaging and slimming.



Power Applied: 220-240V;

Power Consumption: 25W 50-60Hz;

Plug: Standard EU Plug ;

Cable length:1.6M;

Size:16×15x10cm (Approx.)


Package Content:

1 x Infrared Anti-cellulite Massager

1 x Mesh Cover

1 x Manual Book(English)

4 x Massage Heads

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