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Vibro Slim Belt

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Vibro Slim Belt

Vibro Slim belt

Revolutionary Vibration Technology for that sexy new body Oscillating Vibro Technology Just strap it on and it will do the work for you. VIBROACTIO high-speed, oscillating mechanical stimulus produces a stretch-reflex action that results in rapid and intense muscle contractions. Vibrate, tone, massage and feel great!

*Strong Vibration, Oscillanting & Screwing
*Detox & Massage, New concept of losing weight
*Pelimed, Magic Fat Killer for abdomen, waist, back, hip, thigh, leg etc
*Compact design, appropriate for all fitness levels
*Matching with human oriented design by convenient and simple operations
*Being distinguished from other slimming equipment by compact size
*Super functional, such as being flexible and sensible to localize burning fat
*The objectives of slimming, Lymph drainage and massage
*Consisting of highly effective radiator
*Improving body circulation, stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph

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