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slimming Waist and Body Slimming Belt

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Smallest Slimming Device To Shape Your Body

Use in Home Office or your Car for only 10 minutes every day and look forward to a new YOU.

Come and use the KRISHKARE iSlimmer device to massage and vibrate you way to a slim - figure perfect body. The KRISHKARE iSlimmer is an extremely handy device working as your own personal massage therapist. Only 10 minutes everyday is what is required to work your way to a New You. It is a safe, fast and easy way to tone your body doing it while you travel, in office or when you are free sitting at home.

7 (SEVEN) Function Device :

1) 360° Double Helix Centrifugal Massage. At 500rpm/minute, it accelerates fat burning and increases metabolism.

2) Auto and manual dual mode.

3) Vibrated tapping and bionic massaging. The vibrated tapping and bionic massage in alternates removes pain effects and leaves you feeling relaxed.

4) SAFE. Low Voltage of 12V makes it safe and usable in your car too.

5) Each program is timed for 10 minutes and shuts of automatically.

6) Multi-functional adjustable belt helps you massage all parts of your body.

7) The improved heating co-efficient is a big safety feature preventing excessive overheating.

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